Anamnesis and initial therapy:                                          175,00 € (inkl. VAT)

Follow up therapy:                                                                   150,00 € (inkl. VAT)


Follow up therapies longer than 3 months need more attention and the time increasing similar to the

first inital therapy. Therefore it will be handle as an initial therapy.

Consultation:                                   40,00 € (incl. VAT)  per 30 minutes

Distance of more than 30 minutes driving               price on request

Foreign countries                                                            price on request




Consultations as well as Evaluations gladly welcome by Email or by Phone
Send me your story, training and special request.
4 pictures are important: total view from left and right, from front and back


Creating a training plan:
Step 1:
To become a better overview I would like to talk to you, as this is very individuell.
Together we speak about your situation and find out, what makes sense and what could work for your

and your horse.
Step 2:
After that you will get a writen summary, so nothing get’s lost.


Price:                                                   40,00 € (incl. VAT)  per 30 minutes