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1. Anamnesis consists of:


1. Questionnaire
2. Appraisal of the overall condition
3. Palpation of pain and reflex points
4. Test of the use of torso and back
5. Test of the mobility of the joints
6. In case of abnormalities, gait analysis with a longe or under saddle

During the respective therapies, a single type of therapy will only be used in the rarest of cases.

The techniques often complement each other and a differentiation is not even possible any more.



2. Main focus of my therapy:


·  TENS or EMS
·  Sports massage
·  Acupressure
·  Trigger points
·  Stress points
·  Touch for Health
·  Craniosacral therapy
·  Various stretching techniques

Supporting devices:
Ultra-sound therapeutic device, Activo-med laser, magnetic field



3. Debriefing:


The person responsible for the horse is integrated into the therapeutic process through “homework”

(in the sense of techniques that can be carried out independently). Since exterior factors often play

an important factor, we try to determine what those are and how they can be changed.



4. Duration:


+/- 1½ hours for anamnesis and the initial therapy session
+/- 1 hours for subsequent therapy sessions



My goal is to make the body of the athlete or patient available to them in its entirety.
Your trust and that of your horse are important to me in order to establish a good

relationship and a successful therapeutic process.
I want to make my entire knowledge and experience available to you.